Executive Coaching

As an executive coach, I work with senior leaders, top performers and high potentials enabling them to:

  • solve problems
  • make decisions
  • build high performance teams
  • achieve personal and organisational goals.

For senior leaders and top performers of organizations, executive coaching provides a robust sounding board for issues in real-time. Having someone with a depth of business management & human resource management experience on hand, if only for a few hours each month, can prove hugely beneficial to both the individual and the organization. Such support can help to:

  • reduce stress
  • increase motivation
  • while improving decision-making.

Awareness is essential to leadership. And because leadership is essentially relational, behavioural obstacles can frustrate execution. So while the coaching conversation focuses primarily on the organizational role, the coaching relationship is with the whole individual. By helping to align personal development and role responsibilities, experiential learning becomes a natural catalyst for high performance.

The agenda is set by you and your organization.

As a leader:

  • you may wish to change your leadership style
  • address work/life imbalance.

As an organization:

  • you may wish to develop key managers ahead of
  • following promotion
  • support new entrants with corporate cultural transition

My approach to executive coaching can help with these and other such developmental and change management issues.

I can help leaders and top performers: 

  • Improve personal effectiveness, leadership & communication skills.  
  • Improve team performance, morale and accountability
  • Make more effective use of your time, increasing personal productivity and satisfaction
  • Define a clear purpose and vision to guide decision making and actions taken
  • Identify succession planning strategies
  • Regain confidence and enthusiasm