Orla King Coaching

‘Take your life from good to great’

Whether personal, professional or organisational, Orla will help you to manage change positively. Orla works with individuals, senior leaders, top performers and high potentials enabling them to solve problems, make decisions, build high performance teams and achieve personal and organisational goals.

Orla will work with you to achieve a fulfilling balance between professional goals and personal development.

Orla can help you by:

  • Identify key road blocks to achieving your true potential
  • Set practical, achievable goals (short & long term)
  • Develop new skills
  • Identify and maximise strengths
  • Develop tools to overcome weaknesses
  • Develop a greater understanding of your wants, needs and desires
  • Sense, identify and understand the emotions and reactions of others
  • More effectively inspire and drive you or a team towards success
  • Address and overcome negative behaviour and thought processes that create road blocks

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  • If you are interesting in working with Orla you can book yourself in for your free 20-minute introductory session in person or via Skype. This session will help you experience the power of coaching and help you decide if you would like to work with Orla. You will get to know each other and you can ask all the questions you have about coaching and how I can help you.

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